The sun was shining and the whales were out! We were lucky enough to to see 2 beautiful Humpback Whales this morning! One of the whales was a bit shy and stayed far from the boat. But the other one, boy did he let us see his cool charisma!! Tail lobbing, tail slapping, and some pretty views of his caudal peduncle (the narrow but muscular part of the whale’s body right before its tail fluke)!

We were all pretty satisfied by the amazing acrobatics of this whale, but the action continued as we headed back towards
Mission Bay. A small pod of Common Dolphins decided to come check us out! We had some bow riding and a few full leaps out of the water!

It was a great trip this morning. May gray will not keep us down and the sun will keep on shining this week! Plenty of open spots on both trips tomorrow so come join us as we search for some more amazing marine mammals!


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