What a difference a day can make! We go out everyday to see what we can find and today was AMAZING! As soon as we left the jetties we sighted a single inshore bottlenose dolphin! It traveled North close to the coast. We pointed our nose West and encountered a BLUE whale! Our 5th sighting of the year! This juvenile was feeding only 3.5 miles from shore! We even saw it lunge with its mouth open at the surface! We continued on and went even further Southwest and found a spectacular pod of ~50 Offshore BOTTLENOSE dolphin! They were super acrobatic and full of energy providing us with amazing memories to last a lifetime! As we made our way back in, we found a fast-traveling pod of ~80 COMMON dolphin! There were several cow/calf pairs in the group that made us all squeal with excitement!

You never know what we will see out there! So we hope you’ll join us on our next trip!