If someone were to ask us to describe a perfect whale watching trip, we could easily describe our morning in response. We had a FABULOUS day on the water. A tall, powerful spout was spotted on our way out west and it turned out to be the spout from a Blue Whale!!! We observed this gentle giant for a few cycles of breathing at the surface, until it gave us a B-E-A-UTIFUL fluke-goodbye on the way down for a dive. We decided that it couldn’t get any better with our Blue Whale sighting so we left it behind to check out some surface active Common Dolphins! We witnessed some of the highest leaping, almost SOARING, Common Dolphins we’ve ever seen. The entire pod engaged in acrobatic behavior, including a few babies! We were blown away this morning and we’ve had a lucky few days on the water in general…maybe it is about time to get on the water for a whale watching trip, huh? As of right now, we aren’t sold out tomorrow but you might miss out if you wait too long! See you out there.