It was another beautiful ride on the water today. We were pleasantly surprised by the conditions, as a recent passing storm caused concern that it would be a bumpy day on the water. That was not the case! In the morning, the smooth water allowed us to easily spot an elusive Minke Whale that surfaced close to the Privateer and surprised us. We observed the Minke for a few breathes at the surface before it dove down and gave us the slip. Luckily, a pod of Risso’s Dolphins stole our hearts today! This is the same pod we have encountered throughout the summer here in San Diego (see photo of the individual with the noticeable M-shaped dorsal fin). They were as gorgeous as ever and many lunged forward as they surfaced, exposing their blunt rostrums. We counted about 50 Risso’s in this awesome pod today!

On our second trip, an exciting few pods of Common Dolphins (~500 in total) joined us on the Pacific for some bow-riding and acrobatic fun! Hopefully tomorrow is just as great and we’ll see you all in the morning!