Amazing day full of wildlife was seen today! We couldn’t have asked for better sea conditions. The wildlife must have enjoyed it too because everything was out today. We started the day out with a nice sighting of ~10 PACIFIC WHITE-SIDED DOLPHIN. They were seen bow-riding and making appearances near the boat. While checking them out, we sighted a spout only half a mile away! The spout belonged to a single juvenile HUMPBACK WHALE. This whale consistently surfaced with 5-8 min dive times. Numerous flukes were seen upon those dives! While headed home, we sighted ~50 COMMON DOLPHIN swimming toward the South. Three HARBOR SEALS and many CALIFORNIA SEA LIONS were seen as well! During the afternoon cruise, we set our course toward the West. While only 5-miles from shore, we sighted some interesting disturbances on the water. After waiting almost 20-min for another appearance and moving on, whale watchers sighted THREE HUMPBACK WHALES! They were headed to the South giving guests great looks at spouts, backs and flukes! We continued on to see what else nature had to offer, and found a pod of ~50 COMMON DOLPHIN! Many acrobatic behaviors were witnessed as they zoomed to the bow of the Privateer. Some chin- and pec-slapped the ocean surface. Upon transit back to the dock, we found ~10 CALIFORNIA SEA LIONS swimming together that made an appearance twice! To round up the day, THREE PACIFIC WHITE-SIDED DOLPHIN were seen on the way home! Humpback whales are still around, come out and try your luck in finding one! See you on the water! -Vanessa