It was an nice day to be on the water today! The sea conditions were superb as there was little wind and not much of a swell present. We were super lucky to find both toothed and baleen whales on our morning trip. Once we got to the drop-off, we found ourselves a single MINKE WHALE! We saw it many times as it surfaced for breaths and had short dive times of only a couple of minutes. We peeled off and watched it continue its travel toward the South. We only traveled a short distance toward the North and sighted some splashes in the distance. Birds were seen diving into the water right on top of a bait ball of small schooling fish. A nice pod of ~20 PACIFIC WHITE-SIDED DOLPHIN and a few CALIFORNIA SEA LIONS were seen feeding among them! The feeding frenzy was a delight to watch! The Pacific white-sided dolphins took breaks from feeding to bow-ride the Privateer and surf in our wake. Incredible views of the San Diego County was seen as we continued on our way back to Mission Bay. We have two trips tomorrow, we hope you BOOK NOW to get a chance to see what nature has to offer! -Vanessa