It may be a little chilly offshore but that doesn’t impact the wildlife in any way! We enjoyed a great day on the water, filled with awesome sightings. On the morning trip, we found HUNDREDS of Common Dolphins..up to 500 in one widespread pod!! They were very surface active and highly interactive with our boat. We were able to see mass numbers of Common Dolphins charging up to our bow and swimming upside down together! Shortly after leaving the dolphins behind, we spotted two separate northbound Gray Whales! One was a juvenile while the other appeared to be much larger. We only had enough time for a brief look at each individual. A pair of Pacific White-Sided Dolphins surprised us on the way home and so did a small southbound Gray Whale, right outside of the channel! What an exciting way to wrap up a trip. Our first sighting of the afternoon included ~15 Pacific White-Sided Dolphins, milling in close proximity to a pair of northbound Gray Whales! From a distance, we noticed one breach and a lot of body rolling by the Gray Whales. They eventually settled down and we were able to observe them in travel mode as they moved northward. On our way back to land, we encountered an ENORMOUS pod of Common Dolphins that extended as far as our eyes could see along the coast. We suspect that we were right on the edge of a MEGAPOD and wished we could have had a little more time on the water to confirm! Maybe that will be our treat for tomorrow..fingers crossed! See you on the water, whale watchers! Trash/recyclables collected: 1 mylar balloon