We prepared for rough conditions today, only to be surprised with sunshine and a relatively calm ocean! On our single trip of the day, we encountered one northbound juvenile Gray Whale! It took us some time and effort to get a good look at it, as it only exhibited one puffy spout every few minutes. Once we were able to get a good visual on it, we realized that it was simply snorkeling close to the surface and breathing infrequently. We tracked the whale by watching the turquoise silhouette of its body in between each breathe. Luckily, everyone on board was able to see the beautiful coloration of the whale peaking through the water as it swam sub-surface! Following our Gray Whale sighting, we found a very widespread pod of ~50 Common Dolphins. Although the group was scattered, they were very surface active and we spotted numerous young calves! We are really starting to feel the shift in the migration this week. More and more northbound whales are being spotted, which means that the first leg of the season is slowing down. We recommend taking full advantage of the opportunity to see Gray Whales before the migration ends here in San Diego! See you on the water, whale watchers!