The sky was BLUE, the water was BLUE and the whales were BLUE! we had two amazing trips with plenty of toothed whales and baleen whales to be found! During the morning trip, we found three Blue whales, including a cow/calf pair! They were surfacing several times with mighty spouts easily seen from afar. Guests even saw the giant flukes as the mother Blue whale arched its back for a dive right in front us! We were also accompanied by ~700 Common dolphins seen among several subgroups. We began and finished our trip with lots of Common dolphins all around. Several cow/calf pairs were seen as they popped up next to the Privateer. The afternoon trip was just as special as we sighted a total of ~SIX Blue whales in the same region. Four of those Blue whales were cow/calf pairs. One of the pairs spent a lot of time near us, while surprising us by popping for breaths right next to us! We saw the calf turn on its side next to its mother. The turquoise glow was visible as the Blue whales came up to the surface for each breathing bout. At one point we were completely surrounded by the giants! We were in no shortage of Common dolphins either. We came across ~600 Common dolphins throughout the trip. The last pod we visited was amazing, as they were super active! Several breaches, porpoising jumps, and bow-riding behaviors were seen all around us! Trash/Recyclables: ZERO!!! Hope you get to come out and see the Blue whales while they are here feeding off our coast! -Vanessa