We took our sister ship, The Ohana, out for a great day of cetacean action! Our single trip was FILLED with Common Dolphin activity. In every direction, we could see foraging birds with dolphins hunting cooperatively below them. While cruising through numerous sub-pods, we spotted tiny calves swimming beside their mothers and some aerial acrobatics! The dolphins were extremely surface active which made for an incredible sight. On our way back toward the coast, our crew locked eyes on a mystery whale. Judging by the size and coloration of the back, it looked to be a Blue Whale. Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to wait for it to resurface as it was fairly long-winded. Although we were unable to spend time with a baleen whale today, we’re always happy to know that these amazing giants are still in the area! As we expected, the conditions were PERFECT. Hopefully we’re treated to the same weather tomorrow. We are going out for TWO trips and a few spots are still available. See you on the water, whale watchers!