It was a FIN-tastic Sunday aboard the Privateer! Dorsal fins of all shapes and sizes were seen today. We were amazed with all the Common dolphins sighted. We encountered several pods totaling ~300 individuals for the day. Many cow/calf pairs were seen in the mix. We ventured to the North toward La Jolla and found a juvenile Fin whale! It had a very light spout that was visible at each surfacing. It was steadily traveling to the NW. We got to see fluke-prints trailing behind it which allowed to easily track its movements. It never went on any deep dives, which allowed guests to observe it at the surface plenty of times. During the afternoon cruise, we encountered many pods of Common dolphins! The first pod was leaping out of the water, and surfing alongside the vessel. It was likely a nursery pod as so many cow/calf pairs were seen. Calves were very active as they also porpoised and breached out of the water. We continued out to the SW and made it almost 12-miles from shore. Unfortunately, no baleen whales were sighted. We found more Common dolphins on our way back toward the coast. They were just as active and fun to watch. We sighted a total of ~200 Common dolphins for the day! Trash/Recyclables: SIX Mylar balloons successfully retrieved! Hope to see you on the water soon! -Vanessa