We had an awesome time on the water this morning! We set our course for the West and found ourselves pods of Common dolphins! Our first encountered consisted of 30-40 individuals that were actively feeding! We observed as they swam belly-up to catch fish! Some dolphins came over to check us out and bow-rode and surfed in our wake. We continued out, and right out at the drop-off, we found a larger pod of ~150 Common dolphins that were steadily headed South. This pod was swimming tightly together, with many calves and juveniles in the mix. Many of the dolphins leaped out of the water, sometimes eye-level, and landed with a huge splash! Curious Commons traveled right beside us as they people-watched. We made it out to 9-miles from shore and found another small pod of 15 that came over for a visit but quickly continued on their journey. We searched far and wide, for signs of baleen whales but none were seen. In the Mission Bay channel, we sighted a single Inshore Bottlenose dolphin headed out to the ocean! Trash/Recyclables: ONE big bag of smelly trash, successfully retrieved! We have a full day of whale watching, so we hope to see you here for another adventure on the water! -Vanessa