Nothing special to see here..just hundreds of Common Dolphins and some Blue Whales!!! We lucked out with some gorgeous conditions today and great sightings to go along with it. Welcoming us into The Pacific Ocean this morning was a brave little Harbor Seal, basking at the surface in a kelp patty! Out to the west, Common Dolphins stretched along the entire horizon. We spotted numerous pods and counted up to ~850 Short-Beaked AND Long-Beaked Common Dolphins throughout the trip. The short-beaked, as expected, were incredibly acrobatic and some of them launched 10-15 feet in the air! We noticed many newborn calves and vibrant, exuberant males exhibiting courtship behavior. The Common Dolphin action carried into the afternoon as we enjoyed the same incredible surface activity throughout the trip! Although we counted significantly less dolphins (~330) compared to the morning trip, we spotted a BLUE WHALE COW-CALF PAIR!!! We spend a few minutes observing the pair until they gave us the slip on their journey to the southwest. Luckily for us, the female and her calf surfaced right next to the boat when we last saw them at the surface. We were getting a little worried since the blues haven’t been spotted here for a few days but they’re still in the area! We hope to see you on the lookout with us soon.