We had two exciting trips filled with baleen whales and toothed whales! During the morning trip, our first sighting was of a pod of ~100 Common dolphins! Guests were thrilled to see such a close encounter. Many Common dolphins raced to our boat to check us out. A handful of dolphins surfed in our pressure wave at the bow. At one point were completely surrounded. A few cow/calf pairs were also seen next to the Privateer. We got to the drop-off and found mulitples whales! Not just one, but THREE cow/calf pairs of Blue whales! The first pair went on a deep dive once we got there, but the mother flashed us her flukes before going down! The second pair was pretty mellow and hung out at the surface for long periods of time, never really going on a dive. The third pair, was great as they also had prolonged periods of surface time. The calves would pop up right next to their mothers, and on a few occasions, we could see them up at the surface simultaneously.

During the afternoon, we got lucky with Common dolphins and Blue whales! On our way out to the West, we sighted a small pod of ~20 Common dolphins that were traveling fast to the SE, toward the coast. We continued on, since they were headed in the opposite direction of where we wanted to be. About 8-miles from shore, we found some tall, columnar spouts! We encountered two sets of cow/calf pairs of Blue whales! We had one pair to the left, and another to our right. Our encounters were exciting, as they were sighted in very close range! Guests got great looks, as they surfaced for several breaths. We could see the beautiful blue glow that outlined the body of the giants! The spouts were so powerful and could be heard so clearly.

Trash/Recyclables: ONE Mylar balloon successfully retrieved!

Overall, it was a good time on the water. We hope to see you soon, if you want to see the largest animal on the planet!