It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL on the water this morning. We enjoyed blue skies and a calm, welcoming ocean. Passengers aboard The Privateer were lucky enough to see hundreds of Common Dolphins and some not-so-common toothed whales today. A pod of ~150 Short-Beaked Common Dolphins swam around us, bow-rode at the front of the boat and showed some pretty extensive surface activity. Many, many young babies were spotted within the pod! Further to the west, we encountered a few dozen Offshore Bottlenose Dolphins! Fortunately for us, they showed us their inquisitive side and interacted with the boat throughout our visit with them. Many of the Bottlenose were seen leaping shockingly high out of the water, right beside the boat! We were sad to wave goodbye to them as we turned back toward the coast, but a friendly pod of Long-Beaked Common Dolphins swam up to say hello on our way in. Hopefully we’re treated to the same great conditions and sightings tomorrow! Have a great Monday, everyone!