It was a super fun day on the Pacific today. During the morning trip, we set out to the SW and found a huge pod of Common dolphins! There were close to ~600 Common dolphin seen all around us. The pod was spread to about 1-mile long. They were seen traveling to the south, but many came over to interact with the boat. Some cow/calf pairs were also seen in the mix. Some leaped out of the water right next to the boat, and passengers squealed with excitement. The Commons continued to the south and we went north, and got a report of a baleen whale! At first it was being a little elusive, but we did manage to get a few close looks. We were leaning toward a Minke whale but the dorsal fin looks a bit tall. We are going to leave it as a Mystery whale for now, until we get input from other naturalists.

During the afternoon trip, we set out to the SW again. While on our way out, a few miles from the drop-off, we sighted a breaching baleen whale! It was a few miles away, on the horizon. We had some pretty windy, white-cappy conditions which made it pretty tricky relocating it. We continued on to the south, and found an awesome pod of Common dolphins. There were about ~50 individuals that were seen all around the vessel. At times, they were seen feeding, with birds above, diving in the water. Once they were done, they zoomed over to check us out. Just like in the morning, several behaviors were observed, including porpoising, breaching, and surfing.

Trash/Recyclables: ONE Mylar balloon successfully retrieved!

Hope you join us on the Pacific! It’s awesome!