It was a super fintastic dolphin day! Guests on both tours got to see numerous Common dolphins today. During the morning trip, we encountered ~150 Common dolphins in the four pods sighted. Some pods were mellow, and moderately traveled along. Some individuals were curious, and came over to check us out. Foraging Common dolphins were also sighted along with birds diving into the water. During the afternoon cruise, more Common dolphins were sighted. A total of ~200 Common dolphins were seen in the two pods encountered. We followed a large pod as they traveled to the south. Many cow/calf pairs were seen in the mix. We found another pod to the north, along the drop-off. They were also headed south, but in a long line. At one point, the pod split up into two, and started stampeding away from each other. We got lucky and witnessed the dolphins stopping to forage on a bait ball. A single California sea lion was spotted, along with several diving birds. ***Red-footed boobies were also seen today! Trash/Recyclables: ONE Mylar balloon successfully retrieved! Come join us on one of our tours, as we search for wildlife and enjoy the view! There is nothing like being on the ocean! -Vanessa