We love spending time on the Pacific ocean! We never know what we will see on our trips. Sometimes the trips are mellow, sometimes they are filled with non-stop action. Today, was one of those mellow days. During the morning trip, we set out to the NW and encountered a pod of ~100 Common dolphins! At first, the pod looked to be small, but once they surrounded us, we could really see how many there were. Plenty of Common dolphins were seen traveling toward the coast, right beside us. Many began to surf in our wake, sometimes 10-dolphins wide! These surfers even took a ride at the bow. Guests could look down beneath their feet and see them effortlessly swimming at the bow. A handful of cow/calf pairs were also seen in the mix. Summertime and Springtime is the best time to see the cute little ones.

During the afternoon, we traveled ~35-miles in search for baleen and toothed whales. Unfortunately, it was not in our cards. First, we set out to the southwest, and ended up 11.5-miles from Mission Bay. We journeyed to the south to the 9-mile bank. We turned our nose toward the end of Point Loma. We cruised back along the coast, close to 2.5-miles from shore. We never know when these wild animals will surface for breaths, but we will take our chances. When we do get lucky enough to spot them, it’s amaaaazing!

Trash/Recyclables: ZERO!

Hope to see you soon!