It was a FIN-tastic Friday aboard the Ohana! We had a great day on the water. On our way out, we had a cool sighting of FOUR Mola Mola’s resting at the ocean surface. There was a single Western Gull also sitting nearby. We got good looks at two of the four as we could see their eyes and lips! We had many different bird sightings, such as phallaropes, terns, and shearwaters! Many were seen in travel mode. It was a pretty quiet ride, in terms of marine mammals, UNTIL we got out to 12-miles from shore! We initially sighted a small pod of ~50 Common dolphins stampeding toward the West. They were sighted a couple miles away, so we head in the general direction. We caught up with them, and found two more pods in the area! There was another small pod of ~10 individuals, and a huge pod of ~250 Common dolphins! Guests were thrilled to see so many in the area. Many of the dolphins beelined it for us, and began to bowride. We observed some cow/calf pairs, and lots of porpoising action. No baleen whales were sighted this morning, but we will be out tomorrow, to try again.

Hope to see you soon!