It was an absolutely beautiful day on the water! We had such incredible visibility! We could see down into Tijuana, Mexico, up to Del Mar, CA, and into East San Diego County. We could see miles of ocean as well. During the morning, we set out to the drop-off, and found three different pods of Common dolphins! The first mellow pod was the largest, with close to ~300 Common dolphins! We continued to the SW, and found another pod of ~100 Common dolphins, and then further west, was the most acrobatic pod of ~100 Common dolphins. We sighted so many great behaviors, as some rocketed out of the water, sometimes 10-feet high! We observed many Common dolphins zooming straight for the boat to bow-ride the Ohana. During the afternoon trip, was a bit slower. We set out to the NW, and got to 10-miles from shore. We followed the drop-off up to La Jolla, and then made our way back toward Mission Bay. On our way home, we found a last minute pod of ~25 Common dolphins! They were observed feeding, as you could see fast movements at the surface. They were chasing small schooling fish. The brief sighting was incredible, and was what we were all waiting for. No baleen whales were sighted all day, but our hopes are high for tomorrow! See you on the water! -Vanessa