It was a super fun, nautical, and bumpy ride on the Pacific ocean today. During the morning trip, we set out to the west, like normally do during this time of year. We reached the drop-off, and then received a report of a whale closer to shore! We ended up getting lucky and found a Humpback whale! We got to watch it as was traveling to the SW. We got to see spouts, its back and dorsal fin. The dive times were inconsistent, but we happily watched for about 2-miles. No toothed whales were sighted. During the afternoon cruise, we set out to the west, and got to about 10-miles from Mission Bay. We moved to the NE, and eventually traveled along the drop-off. While there, we found a pod of ~100 Common dolphins! They were very active, and were bow-riding, and surfing in the waves. We saw several dolphins all around the boat. We tried to find some baleen whales but as nature would have it, we didn’t find them. We’ll be out tomorrow, all day long. Hope to see you soon! -Vanessa